Autumn is here but we have decided to extend the summer through this new issue of VISION
dedicated to Rosé, synonymous with sunshine.

Champagne Rosé

Like wine, Champagne Rosé is all the rage around the world. It represents the second largest sale in Champagne with 10% of the market.

This craze goes far beyond that in some countries: USA (17%), Russia and Mexico (13%), Nigeria (35%).

The most common way to produce it is to assemble white wines with red wine from Champagne just before bottling.

It can also be made by macerating black grapes for about ten hours. It is then called Rosé de Saignée.

The colour of Rosé Champagnes can vary from soft pink to deep pink almost red and their style ranges from the lightest to the most structured.

Contrary to some beliefs, a Champagne Rosé is no sweeter than a white Champagne.

These are particularly fruity and lively Champagnes with aromas of red and flowery fruits.
Ideal as an aperitif, Champagne Rosé also offers a wide variety of Food and Wine combinations:
smoked salmon glasses, oriental dishes (tajines), sweet and savoury flavours, Asian flavours (curry, colombo, saté, sushi, sashimi…), poultry and white meat, steamed fish.

It can also accompany some cheeses (Chaource, Livarot, Salers…) or a dessert made from fruit (Sabayon).

The more structured Rosés de Saignée can also accompany a duck, beef, lamb or marinade.

Find the Rosé that suits you in our Range

Consult us for the technical characteristics of each of these Cuvées.


Passing through Provence and Italyalie

Château Léoube : 

• One of the very rare sparkling Rosés de Provence.

• 68-hectare family estate near Saint Tropez.

• Certified ORGANIC for more than 20 years.

• 100% Cabernet Franc.

• Developed using the traditional method with 9-month ageing on lees.

• Delicate aromas of Grapefruit, Rose, Peach with a touch of minerality.

• A lively, fresh, gourmet wine with a finish of brioche, red fruits, hazelnut and anise.

Lambrusco Rosso : Cantina della Volta

• Produced by Cantina Della Volta, a family estate specializing in sparkling wines for 4 generations in the Modena region.

• Ranked Lambrusco di Sorbara DOC the most qualitative and oldest Lambrusco.

• Developed using the traditional method with ageing of 9 months.

• Currently vintage 2016.

• Ruby red color, very fine bubbles, raspberry, strawberry and citrus fragrances.

• Ideal for an aperitif but also the perfect companion of Italian gastronomy.