Champagne & Environment

For an appellation as prestigious as Champagne, respect for the environment is a duty.

The preservation of soils, landscapes and biodiversity in our soil are essential a
nd represent an invaluable heritage.

 Champagne represents 34,000 hectares consisting of 280,000 plots of vines and 15,000 wineries.

 Thanks to its pioneering spirit, Champagne can now boast 25% of its production certified according to the ISO 14001 environmental standard and 15% of its vineyard is certified as Viticulture de Champagne.
High Environmental Value ( HVE ) is now practiced by 400 wineries. The aim is for 100% of wineries to receive environmental certification by 2030.

 Organics are also progressing rapidly. Not to mention biodynamics, based on the lunar calendar and the treatment of vines based on plant decoctions practiced only by a handful of winemakers so far.

The environment: A priority for Us as well as
for our Partner Maisons & Domaines

This environmental concern is also at the heart of our daily priorities and those of all our Partner Maisons & Domaines allowing us to offer you Champagnes respectful of our terroir according to the intensity of your wishes in this area.


  • Champagne Edouard Brun: Reasoned Viticulture
  • Champagne GRUET: High Environmental Value
  • Champagne H.Blin: High Environmental Value, ISO 14001 and Bio for a part of the vineyards
  • Adam Jaeger Champagne: High Environmental Value –  Viticulture de Champagne
  • Champagne Belin: High Environmental Value –  Viticulture de Champagne
  • Champagne Louis Massing: High Environmental Value
  • Champagne Georges Clément: High Environmental and  Organic for a part of the vineyards
  • Champagne R. Dumont & Fils: Organic
  • Champagne Augustin: Biodynamic

Château Leoube Sparkling Rosé de Provence but also Organic

Our Partner Château Leoube, one of the very few sparkling rosés elaborated in Provence, located near Saint Tropez, has been certified Organic for more than 20 years.

A Rosé that symbolizes all the magic of Provence, 100% Cabernet Franc, Brut Nature (without any sugar dosage) and developed according to the traditional method with an ageing of 9 months on lees.