Satisfaction of our partners

Whether you are one of our Champagne Maisons, one of our Distributors, our Agents,
our Logistics service providers, our Suppliers, we have one goal :
to bring you complete satisfaction in our Customer-Supplier Partner relationships.

This satisfaction comes first from listening to our Partners, but also from the constant search
for Excellence in terms of Products and Services.

Excellence in our Products, Services and our interpersonal skills

The quality of our products and services is the essential basis that binds us within the
framework of our professional relationships.

We consider that it is not sufficient in itself. So, we are always looking to improve, by
offering you new Domaines & Maisons that meet your expectations and new market

This Continuous Improvement approach for the Services provided by us, in terms of
respecting deadlines & costs, Women & Men contributes to your satisfaction.

Social Responsibility of our Company and its Partners, our commitment to integrate
Sustainable Development into all of our Approaches

These new expectations seem to us to involve a minimization of intermediaries which
justifies our positioning as a single point of contact in Champagne, which gives you access to
a full range and this, at appropriate and fair costs, where everyone can find their way and
where the risks are shared.

We can’t forget our responsibility to the Women & Men of tomorrow.

This is why, we offer you other Champagnes cultivated in Organic and
Biodynamic Agriculture and that one of our very short-term projects is to set up a network of
actors who have started or are targeting a CSR approach.